When it comes to decorating your home with unique one-of-a-kind artwork that your friends will be jealous of then your best bet would be to check out some of the local art fairs in your city. You never know which must have piece of contemporary art you'll find and lust over at your local art fair if you never go. Some cities are big enough to host weekly art fairs while others don't have all that thriving of an arts community and their art fairs aren't held as frequently. Check your city's local events calendar to see how often art fairs are held in your hometown and circle the dates on your calendar.

If you've never been to an art fair before try not to think solely about classic watercolor or oil canvas artwork as the type of art you want to purchase. The art showcased at art fairs is vast, far-reaching and covers a large spectrum of the art community. You're going to come across pieces of art you've probably never imagined could have existed in your wildest dreams.

Sketch artists, painters, drawers, impressionist artists, etc., have no boundaries when it comes to the art they're creating. That's evident by the artwork you'll find at your local art fairs. For artists, showcasing their work at an art fair means they have a chance to let their creativity loose because they want their best pieces to be seen by the public eye. They know that art fairs give them a chance to have their work shown to many art fair goers that might not normally come across their collages, ceramic animal figurines or art posters.

For those going to an art fair it's allows them to see just how creative the artists who live in their city are and they can show their gratitude by purchasing a piece of local art to take home. Not only are you supporting an artist and updating your home's decor if you shop for art at an art fair but you're also giving back to the community by buying local. Those are three great benefits of going to and shopping at an art fair. If you've never been to art fair before then do yourself a favor and go the next one being put on in your city. You might just come away with the perfect art for the bathroom that you've been searching for.

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