With the country moving into a difficult economic time, it can be even more stressful when you're moving to a new city and know that you will have to look for a job. We all wish that we were in a position where we were being headhunted by the best accounting firm (much like Chartered Professional Accountant, Charn Hansra); but most of us have to get out there and find our own careers. But, we all must remember that when experts say that we are moving into a downturn for jobs, that is not true for all sectors. There are hundreds of great opportunities that come on the market every day; you just have to know where to look for them.

Ontario has an unemployment rate of 9.2% right now against the country's 8.4%. While this does not sound like good news, Ontario's rate has gone down from 9.4% just a month ago. The last time the unemployment rate was publicly documented for the metropolitan area of Toronto was for 2008. At this time the rate was sitting at 6.9%. While it is certain this rate has changed in recent months, we can be sure that some industries are still doing quite well in the city. While you're searching for home listings, it would be a good idea to check out how your skills could fit into one of these sectors.

Toronto is undoubtedly the center for entertainment and culture in Canada. Along with housing the headquarters for all of the major media outlets in the country, it is also known for having a strong presence in entertainment, fashion, advertising and retail sales. If you're a people person or work with events planning, maybe coordinating caterers or selling real estate or cars would be a fulfilling career. A film set alone requires everything from prop specialists and carpenters to tutors for younger performers. If you're looking for a more exciting career than working in a store that specializes in local products, Toronto's entertainment sector is the place for you.

Finance and software design are also big in the city for those looking for a job in an office. For those just out of school, many of the larger firms offer internships for those wishing to work their way to the top. Check out which companies interest you before moving to the city so that you have some leads before you arrive. You could even set up some meetings to introduce yourself to your top choices.

Tourism will always be alive and well in Toronto. While people are saving their money and opting out of expensive trips oversees, they are embracing their own cities. This means that whether you want to work for a theatre or with Toronto wedding photographers there will likely always be someone who is hiring.

When you're looking for work in a new city, take a chance and expose yourself to new career options. This is a great time to try something new and possibly discover a career that you can really fall in love with.

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